Today I wanted to talk about a quick way to improve performance on Windows OS. Now, this won’t help if you are in need of an upgrade on your CPU, memory, or graphics card to play that newest PC game. However, for a general performance boost, this is a great method.
First, if you’re on Windows 10 or 11, click the Start Menu and start typing “Advanced System Settings” or type it out to the point that you see “Advanced System Settings” come up. If you’re on an older operating system you may need to access this through Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings. Next, click the Settings button under the Performance section of the Advanced tab.

For the biggest performance increase without sacrificing accessibility you can click Custom but uncheck the following:


If you don’t mind losing all of the visual effects you can click Adjust for best performance and click Apply. You should notice a difference right away and there is no need to do a restart of your computer.

Here’s a link to the video on this subject:

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